April News Update

April has been a lively month for us! From the weird and wonderful at TimeQuake, to the delights of the Festival of Vintage in York.

We’ve also spent much of April in the workshop completing the many orders we received at last month’s Original Re-enactor’s Market (TORM). This ranged from custom made waistcoats to special order shirts in one-off fabrics.

The Festival of Vintage

We couldn’t let our summary of April pass without telling you about the wonderful Festival of Vintage held at York Racecourse. This is an annual event and this year was our second attendance. Racecourse. It had a joyous atmosphere, with everything from the 1930s to 1960s – from classic cars to vintage clothing.

We particularly loved the dancing that took place over much of the weekend. Dance teachers Tom Powell and Ellie Wilson gave us an impromptu demonstration of the Charleston as we packed up on Sunday, a lovely end to a great weekend.

We started making high waist trousers this year, with the aim of offering an outfit of shirt, waistcoat and trousers. At the York Festival of Vintage we certainly did that, our new trousers went down well. Our customers at York may be pleased to know that next year we will set up a changing room to offer a little more privacy for those who gamely stripped off on our stand.


Landgirl Trousers

At The Festival of Vintage, we launched our Landgirl style trousers, made up in brown corduroy, with buttons at both sides and a detachable bib.

We got a tremendous response on both on social media and at the show.

These trousers can be worn in two different ways, with or without the bib to make dungarees, so they are a versatile purchase for ladies wanting a comfortable and practical 1940s style outfit.

We hope you like our new Landgirl trousers as much as we do!