Elgar Shirts’ French Adventure

In September, in an exciting adventure, we took Elgar Shirts to France for the first time!

Alongside a short trip away in France (south of Poitiers in the Vienne region) we sold our garments at a country fair at the Abbey of La Reau. The abbey was a beautiful historic setting for the event with its grand architecture and grounds and we were delighted to be welcomed.

The “Grand Fete” was a tribute to traditional English country fairs and we got the chance to practise our best (patchy!) French meeting our new customers. It was an enjoyable event with a fantastic atmosphere, quite a different event for us but lots of fun. We met a lot of English customers too, but the French natives seemed to really love our corduroy waistcoats, remarking to us that they were very typically “English”. They were very popular!

There was lots other attendees and we revelled in the entertainment provided by the historic farm, like the gorgeous cows pulling a cart with wooden wheels. There was music and dressage and everyone was having a fantastic time.

We hope you enjoy the glimpse of our travels in the gallery above. Who knows where Elgar Shirts will take us next!