Finding the perfect pair of trousers

Last year Elgar Shirts began making trousers so we could offer our customers a whole outfit. They’ve been a great success! We currently have a wide variety of cloths and styles, all with different characteristics.

We make our trousers based on styles from the past. These can be trousers for everyday wear or worn for re-enactment costume – whichever style is right for you.

Finding the right size

We suggest measuring around your body at navel level to determine the right fit. Leg length is a standard 33”. We are happy to make longer leg lengths to order but we like you to first try a standard trouser to ensure correct size.

Fall front breeches

These are 18th century in style and remarkably comfortable. Perfect for costume and re-enactors. They are laced at the back to adjust fit.

  • Corduroy breeches – either in black or undyed, very soft to wear with no inside legs seams, good for dancing or fencing
  • Heavy cotton calico – as might have been worn by an 18th century sailor, unfinished hem to tuck into boots or roll up for swabbing the decks, cloth is pre-washed but does soften with each wash.

High-waist trousers

These are 20th century style trousers that sit above the waist at navel level and require braces to keep them up (not included).


We like to hem up our customer’s trousers as it ensures it’s done to a high standard. The wool trousers are more challenging to hem than our cotton twill trousers and need interlining to ensure the bottom of the trouser is firm enough.

Hemming is included in the price we charge – except for sale trousers which we do charge extra for hemming. If you don’t specify when making your order, we will get in touch to ask if you would like your trousers hemmed.


Take a look at our trouser collection here.