Non-UK customers will need to buy from our ETSY site

Due to changes and increases in taxation costs, customers outside of the UK will now need to buy from our Etsy site – ElgarShirts | Etsy for Catherine’s products, for Jane’s products (18th century shirts & breeches) please go to ElgarSisterShop | Etsy

We have made this reluctant decision to avoid customers receiving any nasty surprises on receipt of their parcels.
European Customers – Now Britain has left the European Union, sales tax is charged for European customers buying from the Elgar Shirts website on receipt of the parcel.
US customers – taxation varies by state and customers are charged more on tax on receipt of the parcel than if the tax was taken at point of sale.
Etsy deals with sales tax, meaning overseas customers will be charged the appropriate amount at the point of sale, not when the parcel is delivered. We’re sorry to have to make this change but don’t want our customers overcharged.
If there is an item on our website that doesn’t appear on Etsy, please email us and we will make it available for you to purchase on Etsy instead.