Double skin smock in gold and green earth tones, fully reversible


Fully reversible artist smock, traditional style made up in a linen-look fabric. The garment is made up of 2 layers – one in gold and the other in a earthy green – turn it inside out to get the other colour. Both layers have front pockets. Back & front shape is identical so wear it with the pockets on the back if that is more practical.

This is a man-made fabric that looks like linen, probably acrylic, because it is soft and light (linen or rayon would be heavier). We have wash tested and wear tested our prototypes and found that the garment washes well and wears well. We advise washing at 30 or 40 degree temperature, short spin, line dry.

This cloth won’t be as hard wearing as linen or denim, but is very soft and comfortable to wear, somewhat like a fleece. Good on both men and ladies.  Available in certain sizes only, as 6 garments were “lost in transit” and found and returned to us 6 months later!


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