High waist trousers in diamond weave wool, button fly and brace buttons


Men’s high waist trouser in a black and white diamond weave wool.  The cloth is middle weight, comfortable and nice to wear.  The leg shape is slightly tapered.

Styles similar to this were worn from late 19th century to the 1950’s.  With button fly, side pockets, brace buttons and a swallow tail back, the trousers have no waistband, they sit above the waist at navel level and require braces to keep them up (not included).

When making the trouser we close the back waist last, allowing for easy alteration – either let out or slimmed in to fit the wearer.

Sold with a standard unfinished leg length of 33″.  We are happy to hem your trouser if you are confident the waist will fit you.  We suggest you measure round the body at navel level to determine your size.

This is a short run, we can make only a few more, but we do have some similar cloths to follow on.

Measurement at top of trouser (navel)30″33″36″39″42″45″
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