Fall front breeches in undyed corduroy


Regency style 18th century mans fall front breeches in undyed fine cotton corduroy, adjustable at back waist, with 2 buttons at front to fasten the fall front.  The front waistband fastens with 2 buttons at the front, the legs fasten with 3 buttons and a drawstring.

Each leg of these breeches is cut in one piece so there is no inside leg seam, and the corduroy runs vertically at the front and sideways at the back. This also makes a comfortable garment for movement – fencing, dancing etc.  The undyed corduroy is supplied by Brisbane Moss in Yorkshire – good quality cloth.

We suggest you measure round the body at navel level to determine what size will best fit –

Meaurement at top of trouser (navel)25-28”28-31”31-34”34-37”37-40”41-44”
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