Autumn 2020 Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Since the coronavirus pandemic we’ve been fortunate enough to carry on making and selling our garments as usual. But due to COVID19 restrictions we’ve been unable to do a big photography day as we normally would.

Like many businesses this year, we’ve had to adapt. This September we turned our photoshoot into something more lowkey.

On a sunny, blustery day in September we used the stone walls outside our workshop into a photoshoot location. We kept our small crew largely in the family. Jane’s daughter acted as photographer and Jane’s son Joe modelled for us with his new lockdown look!

We were lucky to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings including a friend’s smallholding. Here he keeps poultry and grows vegetables. The hens roamed free and Sid, the old tabby cat, was on guard to protect the poultry. The geese here were also friendly and they are housed at night in the old piggery. Everything on the smallholding is built from reclaimed materials and made the perfect backdrop.

The old tent you’ll see in photos is from the 1950s/1960s, unearthed from an old garage. We used it to add to the vintage style of our outfits.

The photoshoot took place a month ago and we are still making up stock in some of the new lines we photographed. So as time goes on you will start to see more of them on the website.

We hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at our alternative photoshoot this autumn.